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Diet to lower the risk of diabetes

           Diabetes is a preventable disease except for hereditary factors. There are various risk factors for diabetes mellitus like obesity, alcoholic, daily intake of high carbohydrate-rich foods for many years. Sedentary life is also a risk factor for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

mnemonic for Mullerian anomalies

           The classification of anomalies of the Mullerian ducts are

mnemonic for uterine artery branches

           The uterine artery arises directly from the internal iliac artery. The branches of the uterine artery are 1) ureteric 2) Descending artery to vagina 3) circular artery to cervix 4) Arcuate artery--divide into radial artery----divide into basal and spiral artery 4) Ovarian anastomotic branch.

How vagina is protected from harmful organisms

           The estrogen is the important hormone which plays an important role in the protection of vagina from the harmful organisms like bacteria, fungus, etc. The childhood period is the common age group for girls to get the vaginal and vulval infection. The vaginal barrier is lost due to the lack of estrogen hormone and the infection is common in this age group. The most common complaint is the itching around the vagina and the vaginal discharge may be present.

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