Invest digitally and make India a developed nation

        Everyone thinks that we are smart and earning a good salary from the corporate sector or any other public sector. We think that we are paying tax for each and every products we buy and believes that it will make India a developed nation. The mind set of the people towards the government is that the government is wasting their hard earned money which we are paying tax to the government.


update on fetal circulation

         The MOTHER'S fetal blood flows from the placenta through the umbilical cord. The less oxygenated blood flows through two umbilical arteries and the higher oxygenated blood flows through a single umbilical vein. The blood vessels in the placenta are course through the chorionic plate and forms into larger stem villi which again becomes into finely branched villi and finally, end as smaller terminal villi - CAPILLARY NETWORK.

Reliance jio latest new 4G phone launch

         when I was studying in school having a black and white phone is more popular. But when the technology develops, we are introducing more advanced technology for the benefit of the people. Mr MUKESH AMBANI, who is a great industrialist and the worldwide known person had changed the entire concept of the mobile world.

Is it insane for consulting a psychiatrist - good or bad

         Are you tortured by anyone? Is your mental health is not normal. Do you have so many confusion to lead a happy life? Ok, no problem. I say life is like a COCKTAIL. In your life, like a cocktail, you want to mix happiness, sadness, calm and anxiety in correct proportion to taste a wonderful world. If the proportion of mixing is not even, then your life is at the state of confusion.