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A nice looking face

                Everyone wishes that they should have a good looking face. No one will oppose this, because we want to make a good looking impression to the person who you like. Among all people, the young persons will prefer that they should have a beautiful
hairstyle, dressing code, etc. But if everything suites you and you have a good looking personality then you will not worry about anything because you may have a girlfriend who likes you and a nice job to run your life.

                 People will try to make all this but nothing happens. Some people will use cosmetics to make their face awesome but I suggesting you that don't frequently use cosmetics because it is not a permanent solution. If you have any mumps or moles in your face which makes you disgusting then consult a skin specialist and take some advice and medication to tackle such problems.

                 Here I am giving some useful thoughts to make your face beautiful then before. First you go to some hairstyle shop and ask idea about different styles which suites your face. After seeing the sample pictures according to your skin color and texture, select the accurate hairstyle and see the changes in mirror. About 50% of people will look nice by changing their hairstyle.

                 The next step is to correct your teeth alignment. I consulted a famous dentist, he prescribed me to take a OPG Dental x ray to verify the arrangement of teeth roots and the emerging tooth. He plugged two teeth, I think two first molar teeth in lower jar and he done some procedure to correct the alignment of teeth. Within 3 months, I felt some changes in my face and I compared it with my old photos. You believe or not, I look handsome than before.

                  Some useful natural ideas like consulting some nutritionist and follow a diet chart which will increase your blood supply around the skin and you will look glorious with light pale red colored skin. I will suggest you to change the soap and use a soap which retains the moisture and make the skin wet. Don't use a soap which cause skin allergy because it may vary from person to person.

                  Maintain a balanced diet and do regular exercise to keep your body fit. God gave everyone a nice looking face but it depends on how you look that person. So don't hate anyone who have some deformity. Show affection towards such people because we are all human beings.

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